Through a partnership with the Philanthropy Journal, Shoestring has been supplying nonprofit marketing tips articles for several years. Recently, we created our own tips site which will publish our Philanthropy Journal articles as well as supplemental tips and our founder’s blog.

Here are links to the marketing & PR tips that your nonprofit can actually use.

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SHOESTRING has recently launched as a part of the new Nonprofits Now! Campaign, which SHOESTRING is spear heading (on a volunteer basis). The national awareness effort, in partnership with nonprofit associations, seeks to raise awareness about the important role nonprofits play in our society each and every day. “Right now, nonprofits are preparing for bake sales and performing open heart surgery,” is one of the lines used in the creative awareness campaign.

Why do we need to encourage people to “listen to a different beat” for stories that matter? Let’s face it, the bulk of stories covered by the mainstream media focus on events of little significance (celebrity meltdowns anyone?) or focus on public scandals and negativity (just look to your local politician or the latest sports star). The truth is, when you do hear a meaningful story in the media, a nonprofit is more than likely involved in some aspect of the story.