Social networks. Social media. Digital news release. Digital impact. Digital media. Tweeting. Liking. Trending. Fans. Online news rooms. Web-optimized press releases. Search engine optimization. RSS feeds. Content marketing. E-marketing. Blogs.

The terminology (and its ever-changing nature) can be daunting. Entire conferences are dedicated to the subject. Universities are adding degree programs.

But what is “digital PR” exactly?

It is a perfect example of how all marketing is connected — or, at least should be — in order to be effective.

Digital PR refers to all marketing communications activities that have a digital or online component. The reality is, everything related to PR is somehow connected to the di gital world (and the digital world is connected, well, to the world).

If your nonprofit has a printed brochure, it lists a website. That website is part of your “digital PR” strategy. On that website, you have a newsroom for media relations. You also have a Twitt er profile to connect with journalists. You also engage donors and stakeholders online, and they “like” you on Facebook. So you invi te them to sign up for your nonprofit email newsletter. From there, they RSVP to an event. You send out a press release, but is it optimized with search terms to increase its online visibility?

All communications vehicles for nonprofits have a digital component. But, does your nonprofit have a digital PR strategy? And does this strategy tie in to your overall branding and messaging?

What we do is help guide nonprofits through this process. Let us put our experience with other nonprofits to work for your cause. SHOESTRING can provide you with the guide map, or manage your entire online presence. (Oh, and we also design websites. But only for nonprofits.)


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