PRINCIPALS (headquartered in Maine)

Hannah Brazee Gregory, founder + chief creative officer (LinkedIn)

Kyle Gregory, managing director + client strategy (LinkedIn)



Stacy Jones, senior project director (San Antonio, TX)

Ann Lundquist, writer/researcher (South Portland, ME)

Perryn Ferris, copy editor (Portland, ME)



Hannah Brazee Gregory, creative director (Gardiner, ME)

Eric Hoffsten, art director + designer (Freeport, ME)

Bob Cram, web developer + designer/illustrator (Gray, ME)

Martin Diggs, photo + video (Kansas City)



SHOESTRING is a national agency (incorporated in the state of Maine) that proudly serves nonprofits from Maine to California (and everywhere in between).

We do not have a physical headquarters. Instead, we are a distributed team all dedicated to serving our clients and our mission to make high quality services available (and affordable to) nonprofits of all sizes.

SHOESTRING works with all kinds of freelance creatives interested in putting their work to use for good causes. Additionally, marketing/PR consultants working with nonprofits are highly encouraged to partner with us on client projects. Contact us if you are interested.